Saturday, August 16, 2014

V-neck A-Line Knee Length Belted Magenta Dress

This is my first dress of my summer goal of 6 fun new dresses.  I didn't have to change much other than the sleeves.  The sleeve that came with the pattern was rather matronly so I took about two inches off the sleeve hem.

This dress is inspired by McCall's 3546 A.  I bought this pattern at JoAnne's when it was on their $1 Pattern Sale.

I went with a funky colored zipper to be cool and stuff.

And then went with a matching solid print along the neckline for a fun POP of color!

See now?  That's what I did along the v-neck.

I found the fabric at the haute fashion boutique: Hobby Lobby.  Ok, I live in Oklahoma.  Not a lot of options, we don't have a Fashion Ave in Bixby, OK.

It's been a fun dress to wear to church and to a fancy birthday lunch in Dallas at the American Girl Store with my daughter.

Fabric: Hobby Lobby
Pattern: McCall 3546 option A
Belt: Amazon
Shoes: Nude Wedges from Walmart (I get complemented on these Walmart Specials every time I wear them)
Sunglasses:  Rayban

Monday, August 4, 2014

Going a new direction: Fashion Forward

At 9 years old I made my first dress.  It was for my cat.  He looked lovely in it.
By 12 I was making dresses for myself and by high school I was making formals for my school dances (heaven forbid I show up in the same dress as anyone else; how embarrassing!)  I also found my sewing skill to be useful to make my friends custom gifts.
In college I had the opportunity to train in the University of Oklahoma Theatre Department Costume Shop.  I had always followed a pattern exactly, and in the costume shop THERE WERE NO PATTERNS.  I was expected to use my brain to create costumes.  This experience really pushed this baby bird out of the nest.  At first I felt like my world was upside down, but I left with a new confidence.  I can make anything!
Except I didn't have a sewing machine.  My MIL gave me her 1960's harvest gold Singer.  I sewed that thing into the ground.  I probably made thousands of dollars worth of stuff with that old machine.  Finally the belt snapped after 6 years.
My mom and hubs went together and got me a lovely computerized Brother and WOW!  It's been really great.
During my husband's training I haven't had 2 cents to rub together and virtually all of my sewing projects have been gifts or glamourizing my little girl:

I was really excited for my hubby to get a real job so I could do a little shopping for me.  After several disappointing trips to the mall I decided that I would just have to create what I want.
Here's what I want - Shoulders covered, to the knees, and only one layer please!
Additionally all the fashion blogs show either sleeveless, short shorts/skirts or layers.  None of those will do.
But I refuse to be dressed like a school marm.  This has been a real fashion conundrum.  I have made it my goal this summer to create 4 fashion forward, one layer, modest dresses.  I have created my designs,  used widely available patterns as starting points, and added my own flare.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Arts and Crafts Room from Blah to BAM!

My kids had one major requirement in a new house.  They wanted an art room.  l delivered!!!!  But it was oh, so boring.  I just love aqua and red.  They are, like, my most favoritest.

Aqua Walls.  Painted red background to shelves.  Jars to organize.

Before- BLAH


After - Did a bold red trim on door and chalkboard paint on the closet door.

Ahhhh - isn't that better?!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Boys Room

We are doing an explorer theme in here.  Our family loves to travel and thought it would be fun to collect and bring home maps to hang all over the walls.  Only, I keep forgetting to get maps!!!!
I snagged this cool fan from my daughters room and had it relocated.  Then I painted a bright blue accent wall.

This Craigslist find was $10 per headboard
Couple of spray cans of paint later

Painted a world map on wall.  

Awesome compass rose clock.  Walmart find!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby Dream Room

Quilt that inspired room.  The last thing to get done btw!

Changing Table!  The first changing table after 4 kids.

Would love to upgrade rocking chair at some point.

A Finishing Touch to Baby Dream Room

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Puddling Drapes Made Easy $11

These sheers where way too short for the window, but they are what I had on hand.  With the help of $11 worth of silver poly satin from Hobby Lobby these sheers transformed into gorgeous puddling window treatments.  I love puddling drapes!